When Your Business Communication Needs Matter

VoIP & Internet Solutions Customised For Your Business

VoIP Communication Services

Communicating with your clients, whether it be a person-to-person call, a conference call or fax calling, you expect quality foremost. That doesn't mean you or your company should have to pay exorbitant fees and often with poor or no tech support. Well at The VoIP Group we believe that quality, low fees and great tech support should be nothing less than standard practice.

Internet Business Solutions

In the business world today we rely on the internet more than we ever have. So when it comes to choosing an ISP, it's important that they can deliver not only what they promise but what we pay for. The VoIP Group not only offers the best internet services that it can offer its clients but it can offer them where few can. With Satellite Services, DSL, Ethernet Linked Fiber, M2M and Microwave Backhaul, The VoIP Group can bring it.

Flexible, Powerful and Manageable

When quality communication and tech support matters.


When taking your business phone services to the next level, look no further than our cutting-edge IP-PBX solutions. With manageable cloud-based administration and user account areas, automatic phone provisioning, detailed billing reports and automatic credit card billing is but a few great services we offer with our IP-PBX's.

SIP Trunking

Needing to switch or upgrade your company's PBX? Our cutting-edge cloud-based administration interface solution maybe just what your looking for. With multiple types of proxy methods, bidirectional NAT support, advanced routing system and Scalability/Clustering to handle increasing call volumes and users, plus much more.

Satellite Internet

With our business satellite internet services, we offer C-band and Ku-band coverage for North America, all the way to the far Northern Arctic region (please inquire for exact coverage areas). Our Unlimited Data Plans from business grade shared level to dedicated segment, means no unexpected cost increases to you.


Let The VoIP Group be your DSL ISP, with our DSL lines we can offer you speeds reaching up to 150Mbps download and 20Mbps upload. Covering most of Western Canada, our services are available to not only large business but small-to-medium businesses and even residential. Plus we can add your existing line to our services.

Why The VoIP Group ?

At Ashbrook Media communicating with our clients is formost, so the choice in bringing the outstanding services that The VoIP Group has to offer to our clients was essential. With business services unmatched in the industry, such as their DSL and cutting-edge IP-PBX solutions, Ashbrook is able to bring not only exceptional services but offer them at excellent prices.
Putting together a custom package is but a phone call or email away. An for clients who already enjoy the other services that Ashbrook has to offer, upgrading or adding any of these services to their account is just as easy.