What Can We Design For You?

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It.

Website Development

At Two Pea Studios we strive to cater to all types of clients and industries, offering the utmost quality in affordable website services. Our website designers specialize in custom site design and development, while working closely with clients in designing creative websites that are unique and custom tailored to meet their needs.

Mobile Application Development

Two Pea Studios has many years of experience developing mobile apps across a range of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and web. We work with companies to help them improve their user interface and user experience. We love helping companies move forward with software that makes a difference.

Innovative, Engaging and Life-Enhancing

Turning our clients ideas into reality.

Custom Database Development

Our ability to combine strategic vision with in-depth expertise in a wide variety of cutting-edge database technologies, ensures our clients are delivered robust database systems that automate and streamline their business processes, improve operational efficiency and management effectiveness, increase market reach and maximize return on investment.

Content Management Systems

Wordpress is our CMS (Content Management System) of choice, each offering full functional websites with an integrated blog system. The capabilities of using Wordpress as a website for you or your company are endless. Two Pea Studios understands the amount of potential that Wordpress has on the impact of your company, so we ensure we stay up to date and current on everything that Wordpress has to offer.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design, is it for everyone and every site? The answer is NO. It is not for everyone and it is not for every site, but for most it eliminates the need for a different design and development. Responding to the device based on screen size, platform and orientation. Utilizing flexible grids, layouts and CSS media queries, the website automatically switchs to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting. So as the user switches from their laptop to mobile phone, the website automatically switchs to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting.

Website Management Services

Whether you’re selling products online, using your website for an information source, or just maintaining an online presence to compliment your business, an effective website management service will help you make the most of your website. No matter if Two Pea designed your website or not, we can easily manage it and help make sure it continues to function and is running at its best.

Why Two Pea Studios ?

Two Pea Studios is a website development company offering custom database development and website management services. Our dynamic team of graphic designers, web developers, programmers, SEM's and IT specialists, deliver nothing less than clean streamlined designs and customer service that makes you feel right at home. Our work is based on sound principles with exceptional design and the latest developments in the fields of web design development and custom database development. With our technological expertise our talented team will provide you and your business personalized solutions every step of the way.
" We are not going to waste your time with song and dance here. We are going to provide you with only the best service that you expect from a design company. You came here for a reason and we are here to provide it, plain and simple ! "